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Emergency Location-Based Services

Altea’s competence is based on many years’ experience in GPS systems, telematics and communication technology.

Altea Protection guards motor vehicles against theft and damage, no matter where and no matter what the situation. The system installed in the vehicle, detects an attempted theft of a vehicle by means of a numbers of sensors installed on the vehicle.
In the event oi an emergency: once Altea receives an accident alarm , the Altea Dispatching Center operators can listen into the car via a hands-free GSM connection.
The operator will try to contact the driver through an on-board GSM. If the driver is not able to answer or there is an emergency situation, the event will immediately be called in to the nearest emergency service; in the event of robbery attempt, the owner of the vehicle can alert Altea through the SOS/panic button and a distress password.

For a complete overview, please visit or download the Altea User Guide.

If requested, the system can be set up so Altea has constant control over the technical state of the vehicle signalling in real-time, every abnormality to the Dispatching Centre.
Individual, personalized packages from Altea offer our users exactly the kind of support they want. Elements of various service packages can be combined with one another. In this way, Altea provides customers with exactly the right solution to suit their individual requirements.